7 foods that are bad for your teeth

Here is a list with 7 foods that are very unhealthy for your oral and overall health! take a read so that you know better in the future and avoid them!

Here is a list with 7 foods that are very unhealthy for your oral and overall health! take a read so that you know better in the future and avoid them! 

Dried fruits

While dried fruits may be a definite step up from processed fruit snacks, they are still sticky and high in sugar. That means they not only adhere to teeth easily, but the sugar feeds the bacteria in the mouth, which can promote dental erosion.
If you can’t leave without them , at least brush right after eating them!I am doing the exact same thing!
Regular fresh fruits don’t typically have this problem because – even though they still have sugar – chewing them up promotes saliva and they don’t stick to the teeth.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks, such as sodas and sports drinks, are especially bad for teeth when sipping for long periods of time.
If you have a soft drink or sports drink and you’re sipping it every 20 minutes, your teeth are getting bathed with a constant layer of acid. So sitting down and drinking it all at once, or with a meal, is better than snacking or sipping throughout a meal.

Hard Candies

For the same reason sipping on sodas all day is bad for teeth, hard candies aren’t ideal for oral health. These sweets not only stick to the teeth, but they also linger in the mouth for a long time as you wait for them to dissolve.


You may not realize it, but alcohol can be bad for the teeth. It causes natural saliva production to decrease. And again, saliva helps to wash away food particles and protects against acid.
People who are alcoholics may experience dental and gum disease since alcohol irritates all the soft tissue in the mouth and it decreases the amount of natural saliva.In terms of the tissue, the skin of the mouth is very delicate and the alcohol is corrosive to the gums, cheeks and skin. It can affect the way the tissue cells divide, which is why people who drink heavily have a greater chance of getting mouth or throat cancer.

Citrus/Acidic Foods

Foods high in acid, such as citrus or tomatoes, can promote tooth decay. Especially when eaten alone. But these foods are fine to eat so long as you flush your mouth with water after consuming them in order to wash away the acid.

Starchy Foods

Starchy foods, such as potato chips and white bread, easily get trapped in teeth. This can then feed the bacteria that make up plaque.


Not only do drinks like coffee and tea stain the teeth, they also make the teeth stickier. Which means that more food particles can attach.

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