Advantages of Stem Cells

Stem cells have many advantages and I am sure you have been listening to their name coming up lately a lot.

Stem cells have many advantages and I am sure you have been listening to their name coming up lately a lot. So take a read at the following article and learn all about them.

What are the advantages of stem cells in the dental pulp?

 –They are a lifetime opportunity for all children and adults who either have not been able to store stem cells from umbilical cord blood or have already used the stored stem cells.

 –They are available fast.

 –Collection of stem cells from the dental pulp is easy, painless and completely safe compering to bone marrow stem cells.

 –They have 100% compatibility for autologous use.

 –As with the umbilical cord blood cells, there is a very small chance of rejection in allogeneic cases.

 –Because of the largest concentration of mesenchymal cells in the dental pulp ,in comparison to umbilical cord blood , dental pulp stem cells have more potential applications, including:

1. Tooth regeneration.
2. Cartilage regenerate (diseases of the joints and spine, osteoarthritis).
3. Bone remodeling (fractures).
4. restoration cardiac tissue (in case of myocardial infarction).
5. Production of adipose tissue (necessary for the function of most organs).


1.Tooth collection:

The extraction of even the primary teeth is recommended to be scheduled by your dentist for the best protection of the cells. The tooth is immediately placed in a special collection container and sent to laboratories.
If a dental appointment is not an optionand you have extracted the tooth on your own, it is recommended to place the tooth inside a glass of fresh pasteurized milk and keep it in the refrigerator.

2.Tooth transport:

The tooth is transferred as biologicall material in special laboratories.

3.Cells extraction:

After receiving the tooth, isolation of the pulp cells is followed . Then, they are being cultured for their propagation and finally cryopreservation of cells occurs,according to strict international standards and protocols.

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