Cheilitis Simplex-Angular Cheilitis-Actinic Cheilitis-Exfoliate Cheilitis

Cheilitis is an abnormal condition of the lips characterized by inflammation and cracking of the skin. There are several forms, including those caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, allergic sensitivity to cosmetics, and vitamin deficiency. Continue reading “Cheilitis Simplex-Angular Cheilitis-Actinic Cheilitis-Exfoliate Cheilitis”

5 Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea may well be a treat for your taste buds. But new research is suggesting that it benefits the rest of your oral cavity as well. It contains compounds that appear to control inflammation and fight bacterial infection. This drink is also rich in antioxidants, which have many health properties.

What does that mean for your mouth? Continue reading “5 Benefits Of Green Tea”