Dentist and Covid-19

Raising awareness of the aerosol-related transmission of Covid-19, since dentists are in direct contact with aerosols during almost every dental procedure. This is actually the reason why dental clinics were kept closed during the first break-down of the virus. Patients that tested positive or patients that appear with mild symptoms of the virus should not visit the clinic. Continue reading “Dentist and Covid-19”

Burning Mouth Syndrome

In burning mouth syndrome, the burning sensation can occur in the tongue, lips, palate, or even on the floor of the mouth. This sensation is created when the sensations of taste and temperature are transferred to the brain by the nerves in a different way than usual so that they are not properly understood and cause pain or burning. The areas of the mouth that burn, when we actually touch them are not hot and most of the time there is no wound or red area. Continue reading “Burning Mouth Syndrome”