How Does Our Love Life Affect Our Oral Health?

Since Saint Valentine's was just a few days back, in today's article we are going to talk about a topic highly romantic and analyze the effects it has on our oral health!

Since Saint Valentine’s was just a few days back, in today’s article we are going to talk about a topic highly romantic and analyze the effects it has on our oral health!

Being in a trusting relationship where you feel safe and comfortable can affect your oral health status more than you think!

A study at the University of Queensland’s School of Health and School of Dentistry has proved a strong link between the health of our romantic life and our dental health.

Sounds weird, right ?!

But read up to understand how exactly one affects the other.

Specifically, the researcher Grace Branjerdporn studied whether the dynamics of our relationships affect our visits to the dentist.

Those who try to distance themselves emotionally from their significant other may be reluctant to schedule regular preventive dental appointments.
They also hold on to a belief of  self-reliance, they don’t trust others and they avoid asking for support from their partners.

The same researcher also claims that people who are in love and in healthy relationships feel much more confident about their dental and oral health status as well. And with their appearance in general.

So far, people usually come to the conclusion that the economic prosperity of the individual plays a dominant role in the frequency of dental visits. But, after researches, it was proven that this is not 100% valid.

Psychology plays a major role in the frequency of dental visits.

People who are used to being in harmonious relationships where confidence and acceptance dominate, can more easily trust their dentist. This way, they could overcome any anxiety and denial towards dental visits more easily. On the other hand, the ones that haven’t been able to trust their romantic partner or are in the middle of disharmonious relationships, show bigger difficulty trusting their dentist.

The study will soon be extended to Canada to study the link between romantic relationships and general health care.

Everything in our lives and in our bodies is wonderfully (and perhaps magically!) connected. The progress and development of a particular area of our ​​lives can negatively affect us in other areas without us realizing it.

With conscious thinking, will, and observation we could improve our life quality and of course our health.

Athina Tsiorva

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